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 How to install all kinds of Mods Guide.

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PostSubject: How to install all kinds of Mods Guide.   Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:19 am

2-Download Links
3-Mod Websites
4-How to Install

0.1 Introduction

Welcome to Jester's Guide on how to Install any kind of mod you can install a Weapon Mod or a Car Mod or a Skin Mod This guide shows you how to do it all. Very easily in less than 3 mins.

0.2 Download Links

The First step is. To download the tools needed to install the mods.

IMG Tool 2.0:Download

San Andreas Mod Installer:Download

0.3 Mod Websites

The GTA Place

GTA Gaming

GTA Garage

0.4 How to Install

1-Open up IMG Tool 2.0
If your going to use. San andreas Mod Installer it shows you the steps
2-After you open IMG tool File>Open>GTA SA Folder>Models>Gta3.img Double click gta3.img You should have 2/1 Files. If you have 2,it will be .dff and .txd if you have one it will be one of those. For example we have both for a car. the car is cheetah so you go to
3-Edit>Find and Search cheetah.txd Then Press Commands>Replace and replace it with your mod file. Do the same with your DFF File Then when your done Replacing. (IMPORTANT) Press Commands>Rebuild Archive
That resets the file to the one you added. NOTE:You must have GTA SA Closed while Installing

1-What's the better program to use to install? IMG Tool 2.0 To prevent errors.
2-What's the better website to use? GTA GAMING.

~Thanks,The Jester.
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How to install all kinds of Mods Guide.
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