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 Server IP Adress, Rules and the Staff list.

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PostSubject: Server IP Adress, Rules and the Staff list.   Sun Aug 15, 2010 1:37 pm

First of all, Our Rules:

No advertising
Do not be disrespectfull to ANY Player.
Do not ignore admins
Do not abuse bugs
Do not Hacking
Do not scam
Do not speak any other language except english in the main chat
Do not immature yourself as an admin if ur not
Do not copy clantags only if its allowed
Do not spam /report or /pm to contact admins, One is enough
Do not lie to any administrator about important things
Do not carpark

Last, Have fun.


Server IP:


Staff List:
Owner - TehMastah [Level 1337]
Co-Owner - [TEC]Jester [Level 1337]

Administrator -

Will be updated if an update is needed.
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Server IP Adress, Rules and the Staff list.
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